Helping you make the move

Moving dealer groups can be a challenge if you don’t have the right support in place.

At Financial Services Partners, we will work with you to make the move as smooth as possible.

We do this by providing you with a dedicated transition manager, ongoing communications and support, and an induction into Financial Services Partners.

Specifically we will:

  • discuss your branding options relevant to your business structure
  • assist you to identify the kinds of advice you can provide within our framework
  • provide you with new agreements
  • conduct AFP checks, with your permission
  • set up new adviser codes with your fund manager and life insurance companies
  • assist transitioning your clients
  • provide you with access to the FSP Adviser Resource Centre
  • work with you to customise your Financial Services Guide
  • set up your stationery and marketing materials
  • assist with PR and client communication relating to the change, and
  • introduce you to the 'FSP DNA' value proposition and the people who make this value proposition a reality.