Buying a business

Purchasing a financial advice business is a big decision. You need to spend time to find appropriate opportunities and then undertake due diligence to really understand what you're buying. You may also need to secure finance and you need to ensure the agreement put in place protects your interests.

Financial Services Partners advisers have access to eBrokingExchange

The eBrokingExchange service is a unique offering designed to cater to the growth by acquisition and succession needs of financial planning practices. With a broad range of features designed to meet the specific challenges of business purchase and succession, it provides a private, secure, online total business brokering solution that is private and secure.

One of the most complex tasks a financial planning business can face is organising purchase or sale of a practice. It requires coordination of many stages across a number of disciplines, so it’s no surprise that many transactions are unsuccessful, or simply aren’t as successful as each party would have hoped. A poorly designed transaction can be a costly mistake.

By using the online succession solution, eBrokingExchange, you can avoid the potential pitfalls and be assured of a low-risk, cost-effective business transaction.

This unique service offering combines each specialist task providing all of the potential brokering needs of financial planning firms, faster and at a lower cost. The portal contains a Resource Centre, to help navigate through the succession process.

With eBrokingExchange, you’ll enjoy access to a web portal providing the support you need to:

  • buy and sell practices
  • buy and sell “books” of clients
  • merge with other practices
  • find salaried and equity partners
  • explore joint ventures, and
  • begin the process of securing practice finance.

In addition, eBrokingExchange provides a full recruitment system that enables planning firms to attract and retain key staff members.

To learn more about eBrokingExchange and becoming a Financial Services Partners authorised representative, simply  contact us.

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